Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Cost Of Wisdom Tooth Removal

See the table below for "What is the cost of wisdom tooth removal" in New Zealand.
The Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal
At Milford Dental, the 2017 cost of wisdom tooth removal begins at $253 (per tooth) for easy extraction and advances to more complex teeth from $523 upwards – based on difficulty. If there is added complexity or bone grafting is required, the cost to the fee can increase from XXXX per location grafted and quantity of bone used.

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molar teeth to grow into your mouth. This generally happens when you are between 19 & 21 years old but they can come through sooner or later. If your teeth and jaws are the right size for each other, wisdom teeth tend to erupt & function like ordinary teeth; they are a useful asset in this case. More often than not, however, because the jaw is too small or the actual teeth are too big for the available space, wisdom teeth are misaligned and become stuck or impacted. 
Cost Of Wisdom Tooth Removal At Milford Dentists
Assesment consultation$59 Per 15 minute block of time      
Digital X-ray taken in the mouth$15 Per x-ray 
Digital Panorex X-ray 100
Removal of Straightforward Wisdom Tooth  $253
Removal of Medium Difficulty Wisdom Tooth    $523
Removal of more Complicated Wisdom tooth $750 +

When the wisdom tooth is impacted it can cause several dental problems - some that cause pain and discomfort & other problems that have no symptoms until it is too late. 

Impacted wisdom teeth can -
  • Crowd adjacent teeth. There is evidence suggesting that a wisdom tooth that is tilted towards the front of the mouth actually pushes the teeth in front of it leading to crowding of teeth.
  • Result in the molar tooth root in front decaying because the food is trapped & rots between both teeth, well below the gum line. This leads to the loss of the molar tooth in front - this then leads to other problems like loss of chewing ability and over-eruption of the tooth above and so on and so on. This is often a painless process until the decay reaches the nerve & then a painful abscess forms necessitating the wisdom tooth & molar in front to be extracted.
  • Affect the flap of gum resting over the tooth leading to an infection called pericoronitis. The gum flap partially covering a wisdom tooth that is not fully erupted & that is stuck hard up against the adjacent tooth or the jaw bone, can trap food around it. This food cannot be cleaned out. Bacteria feast on this rotting food, multiplying and then causing gum infection & disease - pericoronitis. Because the wisdom tooth cannot move this area enters a cycle of infection. 

    My patients will often tell me “my wisdom tooth has tried to come through, but it then settled back down.” What is actually happening here is the gum flap is becoming infected & swollen creating a feeling of pressure which you might think is the tooth erupting but actually, it’s gum disease. The infection settles down & the pressure goes which makes you think the tooth has decided to settle back down into its socket – not so.
  • This clip below gives you an idea of the problems arising from impacted wisdom teeth 

If you are worried about wisdom teeth or are having symptoms or just want to check that they are ok please book in with Andrea, Tristan or Geoff. We can quickly and painlessly assess your wisdom teeth & take an x-ray called a Panorex.
If you have a look at the Panorex below, both lower wisdom teeth are tilting forwards on a 45-degree angle. The wisdom tooth on the left has caused the tooth in front to decay. There is a massive area of dental decay – This patient needed all his wisdom teeth out plus the decaying second molar on the left which was unfixable. This gives you an idea of how useful a Ppanorex x-ray is.
If you need to have your wisdom teeth taken out you have several options.
  1. 1) See an oral surgeon for your extractions – If you have health insurance wisdom tooth extractions are often covered – Check with your insurance provider
  2. 2) Have your wisdom teeth removed by a dentist. At Milford Dentist, Tristan has a special interest in teeth extractions. Tristan worked in Manchester’s biggest hospital for several years. Here, as well as becoming well versed in & very comfortable with impacted wisdom tooth removal he also plated up fractured jaws & even treated gunshot wounds to the head and neck!
We can assess your wisdom teeth & as of writing this blog our cost estimate of wisdom tooth removal are as follows 

  • Assessment consultation - $59 per 15 minute block of time
  • Digital x-ray taken in the mouth - $15 per x-ray
  • Digital panorex x-ray - $100
  • Removal of straight forward wisdom tooth $253
  • Removal of medium difficulty wisdom tooth $523
  • Removal of more complicated wisdom tooth $750+

Milford Dentists is proud to help the good people of the North Shore with all their dental requirements; especially in our mission to help you with wisdom tooth problems - From Devonport and Belmont up through Takapuna, Castor Bay, Mairangi Bay & Browns Bay as well as Albany, Northcote, Hillcrest, the Whangaporoa Peninsula and beyond give us a call - 09 4896575.


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  2. The worst part of a wisdom tooth extraction is afterwards, cost for wisdom teeth depends on the complexity of each tooth removal.