Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Get Teeth Cleaner Than you Ever Thought Possible

Find out how to remove stain on teeth & get teeth cleaner than ever at Milford Dentists with our Perio-Air Flow and our Dental Hygienist.
As well as offering all forms of dental hygiene treatments such as a scale & polish with our Dental Hygienist Karen or more complex root planning & periodontal surgery with Tristan Barker BDS, Milford Dentists now has Perio-Air Flow technology.  Perio-Air Flow is a new technology that gets your teeth cleaner than even we thought was possible. What is Perio-Air Flow Technology and also what are the 5 reasons why you should have your teeth cleaned with Perio-Air Flow 
What is Perio-Air Flow?EMS Perio-Air Flow is a procedure which uses a gentle spray of air, water & either sodium bicarbonate or glycine powder through a tiny nozzle to remove surface stains, plaque and other soft deposits such as food particles trapped in between the teeth.
5 Reasons why you should have your teeth cleaned with Perio-Air Flow Technology. 
Perio-Air Flow -
1) Removes dental plaque which helps to preventing Gingivitis and Periodontal disease - Read our blog on  What is Gum Disease"
2) Helps to maintain heathy gum tissue around Dental Implants
3) Cleans the grooves in your teeth( fissures) ready for fissure sealing
4) Cleans well around braces
5) Removes dental plaque from under the gum.
The literature overwhelmingly supports the use of an air polishing device as an efficient and effective means of 
removing stain and plaque from tooth surfaces in conjunction with routine dental scaling with our Dental Hygienist. In short, air polishing is believed to be the least damaging and most efficient means of removing stain on enamel.

Before & after with Scaling & then Perio-Air Flow.
Watch the movie clip below to see how Plaque Biofilm builds up over 8 hours 

Milford Dentists is proud to help the good people of the North Shore with all their dental requirements; especially in our mission to help you iradicate gum infection / periodontitis - From Devonport and Belmont up through Takapuna, Castor Bay,Mairangi Bay & Browns Bay as well as Albany, Northcote, Hillcrest, the Whangaporoa Peninsula and beyond give us a call - 09 4896575.

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