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Cost Of Dental Crown

Here are the costs for Dental Crowns and Overlays at Milford Dentists as at the time of posting this blog. 
Cost of Dental Crowns at Milford Dentists 2014/2015
NZ Made
Overseas Made
Emax Crowns and overlays $1540 $1340
Empress Crowns & Overlays  $1540  $1140
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown  $1540  $1240
Zirconia Crowns  $1540  $1340
Gold Growns & Overlays  $1540 + Gold  $1340 + Gold
Metal Crowns $1240 $1040

What is the Cost of a dental Crown? At Milford Dentists, North Shore, we are asked this question a lot & if this question isn’t asked you can bet someone is thinking “what is the cost of this Dental Treatment?” As a dentist I have to assume that people want the best dentistry & the best dentist to fix their teeth here in Auckland; but the cost of dental fillings, dental crowns, dental implants, dental veneers etc  is always going to be a factor in what treatment someone may end up having. 

Here the definition of a clinical crown - With a healthy tooth, supported by healthy gum & bone, everything that is above the gum line is called the clinical crown.
Here is the definition of a Dental Crown - A dental restoration that completely or partially covers the clinical crown & that is cemented in place is called a dental cap, dental crown, dental overlay or porcelain dental veneer. Read our Blog on "8 reasons why you need a Dental Crown" for more informations & background on crowns.

1) All ceramic dental crowns & dental overlays & dental veneers made from different porcelains
2) Porcelain crowns fused to an inner metal thimble
3) Metal crowns made of gold or semi-precious alloys
4) Composite resin crowns
5) Zirconium crowns
Cost of a dental crowns at the time of writing this blog  are as follows
Beautiful Emax overlay dental crowns & dental veneers: At the moment the most common crown placed at Milford Dentists is an Emax overlay costing $1540. This is either made on site with  E4D CAD/CAM technology and fitted on the same day or made by our excellent NZ Dental technicians.
Empress Crowns:  Empress restorations cost $1340. They are as beautiful as Emax restorations but are three times more likely to fracture. Because of this you have to make the porcelain thicker which means more tooth removal. This porcelain is cheaper to buy & the actual process of making a crown with it takes less time. There is a 5 year warranty for Emax restorations made in New Zealand and a 1 year warranty for NZ Empress restorations
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns  (PFM) – These restorations are very rarely made at Milford Dentists now as Emax has superseded this restoration, however there is a place for them on dental implants dental bridges. They cost the same as Emax crowns if constructed in New Zealand. PFM’s generally take 10 working days to make. This generally means wearing a plastic temporary crown for a couple of weeks
Gold Alloy & semi-Precious alloy crowns: There is still a place for metal crowns for people who chomp their teeth together heavily or grind their teeth at night. If constructed in New Zealand a gold crown at the moment costs around $1540. The cost can vary with the price of gold. Placing a semi-precious metal crown on a tooth can reduce the cost by up to $300
Zirconia Crowns: Zirconium is an interesting material. It is super strong & can be made in tooth shades however it is not as beautiful as Emax aesthetics wise. It is therefore used mostly on back teeth. It is extremely wear resistant & if it is not highly polished it will wear away the tooth it is biting on a bit like mahogany rubbing on balsa wood. Same costing as the New Zealand made Emax crowns.
The above costs can be reduced still further by $200-$300 should you opt to use an overseas dental laboratory to have your crown made. There is a 1 year warranty for these restorations
Regarding Cosmetic Dentistry: As far as costs & cosmetic dentistry is concerned, this generally adds to the fee for a dental crown, dental veneer or overlay. It is important if you want to improve the appearance of your teeth that you get what you are expecting & also get what you want ie a beautiful long lasting result. There is a process in achieving this called digital smile design followed by construction of a temporary “trial smile”. You get to see what your teeth will look like before we even touch your teeth. Final restorations can also be tweaked with shape, shade & characterisation changes or even remaking the restoration so we get the perfect result. This all takes time.
Posted by Andrea
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