Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Cost Of A Dental Implant

Restoring a missing tooth by placing a straightforward Dental Implant and Dental Crown into a healthy mouth with strong supporting gum & bone costs upwards of $4895 in 2017. 
See below for our full related cost table for related products & procedures.
What Is A Dental Implant?
A dental implant replaces one or more missing teeth and consist of 2 parts
  1. The actual Dental implant that replaces the tooth root. After successful Dental implant placement, the new implant “root” becomes firmly “knitted” to the jaw bone. This part of the Dental Implant is made of either Titanium (the same thing hip replacements are made of) or Zirconium.
  2. The actual false tooth that is firmly attached to the Dental implant. This part of the dental implant is made from a combination of porcelain & metal/gold or just porcelain or just metal/gold

    2.a Sometimes if the Dental implant can actually be attached to the Dental Crown the result is an all in one unit.

The Costs of  Dental Implants

  • Dental implants can support a Dental Crown, a Dental Bridge or secure a partial or full denture firmly in place.
  • Single tooth dental implant & crown  - (straightforward work) Initial consultation - $5000
  • Initial Consultation - per 15-minute block of time - $63
  • Digital Intra oral X-rays of the mouth  - $19
  • Full mouth digital Panorex X-ray - $106
  • Placing a crown on an existing implant as determined from the type of implant chosen - from $2000

 Implant placement may be more complex if your bone has shrunk or reabsorbed too much or you suffer from active gum infection or smoke - See our page on Missing teeth for all the options if you have missing teeth & our blog "What is gum disease"
Milford Dentists is proud to help the good people of the North Shore with all their dental requirements; especially in our mission to help you with missing teeth - From Devonport and Belmont up through Takapuna, Castor Bay, Mairangi Bay & Browns Bay as well as Albany, Northcote, Hillcrest, the Whangaporoa Peninsula and beyond give us a call - 09 4896575.
Both Andrea Clarke & Tristan Barker place Dental Crowns onto existing Dental implants. Tristan is happy to complete the whole Dental Implant procedure from start to finish.


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